The View from Near


While walking in the woods one day,

Something caught my eye.

Peering down from beyond the pines

Stretching toward the sky.


Enshrouded above in mystery

Clouds covering it like a veil,

How it does call out to me

To ascend an unknown trail.


Oh, majestic Mountain Peak,

Your request I soundly hear.

The decision I must now make:

Shall I view you from far or near?


What of the view from afar,

Beheld safely at a distance?

Always wondering what it’d be like.

The path of  least resistance.


What of the view from atop,

Trekking up a trail so steep?

And if at your peak I’d stop,

I’d fall to the ground and weep.


For to look out from the point

Where I’d tip-toe to touch the sky,

Breathing in all four directions

Feeling like I could fly.


Wonderful would be my words

Insightful and inspired.

Finding answers I may seek

Before I have retired.


Far would my gaze then descend

To the pines where below I stand.

And I’d say to my fear and my doubt,

The view from near is grand.

~ @A Poetic Path, 2013


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